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Our Showcase

For 30 years Worcestershire Telecare has become one of the respected leaders within the field of Alarm pendant and monitoring plus the general support products they many have used over the years.

Telecare helps vulnerable patients, particularly older people to live independently in their own home for longer and with a simple press of a pendant they can summon help quickly and easily.

But times are changing and as technology become ever more intelligent, digitally-based and mobile, so does the range of products available to support independent living, enable earlier hospital discharge and avoid unnecessary admissions.

Showcasing Assistive Technologies

To highlight the benefits of assistive technology we have developed a showcase facility at Berrington Court, our flagship extra-care scheme in Kidderminster.

The 2 bedroom property has been equipped with the latest assistive technology to demonstrate how these new technologies can support lives in a real-life, residential setting.

By creating this setting it is powerfully demonstrates just how this can be introduced within the home and it integrates into everyday living.

The technology is in place in all the rooms and covers a wide variety of health and social conditions and illustrates just how technologies can be introduces to support independence, health and wellbeing.

Our technical support team has created a portfolio of advanced assistive technology to find solutions that provide better support for patients living with a wide range of disabilities and long-term conditions including Dementia, Epilepsy, COPD and Muscular Dysphonia. Other solutions are designed to help people with Hearing and Visual Impairment, are at risk of UTIs, Strokes and Falls.

At WTC we have identified the significant importance in enabling us to demonstrate such advantages with in this showcase facility, providing interaction with the technologies and opportunity to demonstrate all possibilities to support so many life conditions.

To arrange a visit to the showcase facility please email OR call 0345 130 1469

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