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Keysafe fitting service

To enable emergency services or your contacts to access your home when you need help, we strongly recommend having a key safe fitted. The key safe is a small box that is fixed to the outside of your property and contains keys to unlock your doors. The keys are held securely inside the box which can only be opened by entering the correct code on the keypad.

The code is kept securely at our monitoring centre and will only be passed to the emergency services if necessary. This will ensure that if you are unable to open the door for the emergency services they can still get in to help you without having to break the door down.

Our expert installation team can fit your key safe at the same time as your alarm installation; they will show you how it works and program it with a code of your choice so it is easy for you to remember.

It is easy to arrange the installation, just let us know when you book your alarm installation appointment that you would like a key safe fitted at the same time. You will then benefit from our reduced price of just £75.00 *. We also offer an extra-large key safe suitable for larger than normal keys for the same price.

*£95.00 at all other times