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New Standard Success for Worcestershire Telecare

We're delighted to announce that following an audit in May, Worcestershire Telecare has successfully migrated to the TEC Services Association’s (TSA) new Quality Standards Framework (QSF).

This is a major achievement for Worcestershire Telecare, as not only are they one of the first providers in the UK to have migrated to the brand new standard, but they have achieved this a year ahead of their scheduled audit date of May 2019.

The audit report complimented the service throughout, commenting: “It is evident that Worcestershire Telecare is a listening and learning organisation, ambitious and brave, and actively deploying its vision to be a technological leader. Customers and colleagues are engaged and considered; partnerships are integrated and valued; services are tested and appropriately deployed, and the success of technology and trials through the Showcase is measured by deliverable outcomes”.

Worcestershire Telecare excelled during their two day audit, evidencing their successful delivery of the 10 Standards Modules and the 3 Service Delivery Modules they were measured against.

The organisation evidenced compliance in the User & Carer Experience Standard Module by “getting to know the individual by asking about their hobbies and interests”. The audit reported that “This knowledge then triggers a more rounded conversation to demonstrate a genuine interest in the person, build a stronger relationship and to identity those who are lonely so that they can be signposted to other services”.

The auditor also commented on the Effectiveness of Care from Worcestershire Telecare, that “From entry to the service there is an open dialogue with the customer and their carer(s) about their individual wishes and needs. This is used to inform and demonstrate the best products available for them”.

Regarding the Service Delivery Modules, the report stated that “it was evident the service aims to provide expert support and guidance to create individual solutions” and that “The team is skilled and experienced and focussed on positive solutions for customers”.

Rupert Lawrence, Head of Worcestershire Telecare, said: “We are overjoyed that we were able to demonstrate our commitment to quality and safety and achieve the new Quality Standards Framework ahead of schedule. We have an ambitious strategy with a strong focus on smart technologies to help customers live happy, healthy, independent lives”.

More information:

The QSF has been developed as an independent audit and certification programme for the Technology Enabled Care (TEC) industry, and offers organisations, both providers and suppliers, a way of demonstrating safety and quality, as well as giving commissioners much needed assurance in an otherwise unregulated industry.

The TSA (formerly known as the Telecare Services Association) set up a standards arm known as TEC Quality to develop and run the Quality Standards Framework.

The QSF supports the development and continuous improvement of organisations, ensuring that quality and safety is at the heart and centre of everything they do. It replaces the long-established Code of Practice and embraces TEC in its entirety: wearables, activity trackers, tele-coaching, apps, video monitoring; not forgetting traditional telecare services.

The old Code of Practice took a prescriptive approach, defining how services must be delivered. The renewed focus is on the achievement of outcomes – what really matters to users and carers.

Published - 26 Jun 2018

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