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Joan aged 89

Joan is a widow, her late husband Ken passed away 12 months ago and her life has not been the same since. They were married for 46 years and Joan cared for Ken during his later years.

Joan was previously a nurse; she has two children and four grandchildren. She enjoys travelling, gardening and spending time with her family and YorkshireTerrier, Tim.

Unfortunately, six months ago Joan had a fall while in her garden, she severely damaged her hip and was in hospital for some time.

Since leaving hospital, Joan has had a couple more falls and now finds both her mobility and confidence has decreased. Wary of falling when she is out, Joan rarely leaves the house now, and has to use a stick to get around. This is causing Joan to become increasingly isolated and lonely.

This loss of independence means that Joan has given up carrying out simple tasks, such as walking the dog and popping to the shops.

Her family and friends are really worried about Joan and her daughter decided to move in with Joan for a short period to try and reassure her and help her around the house.

Shortly after her daughter moved back to her home, Joan was visited by a bogus caller who attempted to make their way into her home. Luckily, they were scared off by a passing neighbour who came to check on Joan, but this incident has now made Joan very wary of answering the door, further increasing her loneliness and anxiety.

Joan does not want to have carers come and see her every day and resists any suggestion of going in to assisted living accommodation, as she does not want to leave the home she has lived in for 37 years. Her family decided to approach WorcestershireTelecare to see what kind of support we could provide to help improve Joan’s life and build her confidence.

One of our team visited Joan and her family to help work out the best solution for them. We talked to Joan about her worries and concerns before discussing the various things that we could do for her. The solution we recommended incorporated the use of video calls for our operators to speak with Joan each day to see how she is getting on and help to ease her anxiety.

We have helped alleviate her home security fears with a video door entry system and provided a falls solution for inside and outside of the home.