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Jason aged 25

Jason lives with dyspraxia and autism, which affects his daily life and causes his family to really worry about him. He has recently moved out of the family home, as he wants to be more independent, but has struggled to always look after himself properly and has often had difficulties that disrupt his life.

Jason’s parents want him to keep his independence as they both work shifts, but feel that they need to be made aware of any changes to his behaviour that would indicate he was beginning to struggle with daily life, along with incidents such as falls.

They are concerned as Jason’s dexterity is poor and he has had falls in the past. The last time being particularly serious, as he fell in a wooded area one evening while walking home from work and was not found for several hours. Jason was eventually admitted to hospital with hypothermia and a broken ankle.

His hospital stay lasted several weeks and following discharge, Jason needed regular care visits at home.

How have we helped Jason?
Jason’s parents approached WorcestershireTelecare to help avoid situations like these happening and to support his life going forward.

We designed a tailored and flexible assistive technology package to maintain his health, independence and well-being.

Jason’s package included:

  • Canary activity/inactivity monitoring system
  • Memo minder
  • LifelineVi
  • Doro Smartphone & App
  • Smart Messenger
  • Temp extreme, Flood detector, Smoke detector and CO detector