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Janet aged 66

Janet was diagnosed with polio when she was only 10 months old, causing her leg and arm to become very weak, and as a result she has to wear a calliper to assist her with walking. She uses a stick to support her and gets around by using a mobility scooter. Janet is very independent and makes sure that she can get around by having a specially designed foldable mobility scooter that fits in her car.

Janet does not let her mobility problems get in the way of leading an active lifestyle, she has two grandchildren that keep her on her toes and she works as a Monitoring & Response Operator at Worcestershire Telecare.

Janet has been a telecare user for a number of years, having first used a lifeline alarm and pendant after her late husband had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. They had signed up for the alarm service from Worcestershire Telecare as her husband didn’t like being left alone and felt worried if Janet was not there to help him. It also helped Janet, as with her mobility problems she would often worry that if she had a fall then there would be no one there to look after her husband.

Janet kept the alarm after her husband passed away as it makes her feel safe around the house and means she can venture out into her garden knowing if she has a fall or trip then help is available at the push of a button. Over the last couple of years Janet has begun to experience some further health problems and this has made her more worried about her mobility, especially when she is out and about and when she is moving around the office at work. She wanted to extend her reassurance outside of the home so she could collect her grandchildren from school and take them for days out confident in the knowledge that she could get help quickly if she needed it.

To help Janet retain her independence, Worcestershire Telecare provided her with two devices; the Onetouch GPS pendant to enable her to get help when she is out and about and a Vibby fall detector for her to use at work.

With the Onetouch GPS pendant, if she has a fall when she is out and about our Monitoring & Response Centre can locate her exact position via GPS and send help to her quickly. Janet can use the Vibby at home and at work and it automatically detects if she has had a fall. This means that even if she is unconscious, the alarm will activate and her colleagues in the Monitoring & Response Centre will be notified.

Janet is as determined as ever to retain her independence and never lets her health or mobility problems prevent her from doing what she enjoys in life. As a service user herself she knows what it is like to be at the other end of the line when she is taking calls and passes on her knowledge and insight to her colleagues regularly.