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Frequently asked questions

We are sure that you will have lots of questions about having telecare and receiving our service, so we’ve answered a number of the most frequently asked questions below.

The pendant will work anywhere in the average house and garden, with an approximate range of 50 metres between the alarm unit and the pendant. During the installation, the range will be tested.

Our Monitoring & Response Centre is fully staffed 24 hours a day, every day of the year, including Christmas Day. This means that you can press your pendant any time of the day or night and you know help will be available.

Not long at all. As part of our accreditation to the TEC Services Association (TSA) Quality Standards Framework (QSF), we continually demonstrate exceptional performance, including answering at least 98.5% of calls within 60 seconds.

If you need help, but do not require the emergency services, then we will ask your nominated contacts who live within 20 minutes of your home, such as local family members of neighbours, to come and check that you’re safe and well.

If you need help, the emergency services will be called to your home. They will need to gain access to your property quickly so you will be required to have a key safe installed at the time of alarm installation.

The alarm unit has a loud speaker and powerful microphone so you can hear and talk to the Operator to tell them what is wrong and what help you need, even if you are in another room. If the Operator cannot hear you, they will call you on the telephone, and if they still don’t get a response from you, don’t worry, help will still be summoned.

All of your personal information is safely stored on our computer systems, and this will come up as soon as your alarm call comes through, enabling the Operator to see who you are, where you live, what your health problems are and who your contacts are.

You should tell us this information straight away so we can make a note on our system and not waste time calling someone who is not available. If you make an alarm call then we can call an alternative contact if you have one, otherwise we can call the emergency services.

Your pendant is supplied with a wrist strap and neck cord, giving you two options for comfort and ease of use.

We advise that you wear the pendant at all times whilst at home and in the garden. At night, if you choose to wear the pendant around your neck, we suggest you place it on a bedside table so you can easily reach it if you get up during the night. If you choose to wear the pendant on your wrist, you shouldn’t take it off during the night unless you want to.

The pendant is water resistant and can be worn in the shower. However, please do not wear it in the bath as it should not be submerged in water. When bathing, make sure you place the pendant in easy reach.

Yes, we can provide a GSM alarm unit, which uses a SIM card instead of a telephone line to place calls to our centre.

In addition to the alarm and pendant, we offer a wide range of assistive technologies to help support your independence and well-being. Click here to see what we do

You can purchase additional pendants for other people living in the same household, and it will be linked to the same alarm unit.

We offer a range of products that allow you to call for help while not in the house and garden. Click here to see what we do:

If you make an alarm call and we need to get you help, we will let your next of kin know the situation, so they will be aware if you’ve had a fall, or gone into hospital etc.